MirWare Srl -based in Verona, Italy – is an independent software company with more than 10 years of experience in Business Intelligence, focusing traditionally on the analysis of SWIFT® FIN and recently of the XML ISO 20022 traffic – in order to extract, understand and exploit added-value information buried in the messages worldwide exchanged every day among financial institutions.

All the IT solutions developed, the customized consultancy, and the specific educational programs offered by MirWare aim to convert value added information in knowledge, with the main goal of strengthening sales effectiveness and operative efficiency of financial institutions.

The long experience in the world of transaction banking information, together with previous activities focused on product and services R&D, puts the Italian software company at the top level in terms of quality, know-how and ability to interpret the modern financial context, with particular reference to the Payments and Collections flows.


“To actively contribute to the development of the financial system through knowledge, awareness, and cooperation.”


MirWare provides to all the Financial Institutions high-value Business Intelligence, through innovative products and methodologies.

Proactivity and commitment in 3 main areas – i.e. Product Development, Consulting and Education, Research – are the only way to reconquer transparency and awareness when talking about data management and added-value information embedded in transactional banking traffic.

Experience, pragmatism, and a meticulous scientific methodology are all necessary elements to strategically face market challenges.

MirWare main goal is, therefore, to be perceived from financial institutions firstly as a valiant and expert partner for both innovation and progress of the whole banking system.

The 3 key concept driving MirWare are:

  1. contextualize the huge data flow at disposal of every single financial institution
  2. provide ad hoc solutions to identify and extract added-value information
  3. educate to a mindful data interpretation, supporting the corporate strategy.