Thanks to the experience matured mainly on Business Intelligence related to global transaction banking, Mirware offers a pragmatic, rapid and low-cost check-up on Swift FIN messages, which can provide banks with immediate evidence about their operational efficiency and commercial effectiveness.


      1. LOW EFFORT: the bank is only required to download and save a txt copy of the SWIFT FIN traffic and put it at disposal of the bank’s user designated to conduct the activity. The traffic check-up will be carried out on premises by the bank’s staff, eventually via remote assistance (via phone or video call) by a specialist of Mirware.
      2. IMMEDIATE OUTPUT: the available reports (in Excel format) provide relevant information related to the International Business, supporting commercial and operational activities, also in terms of forecast.
      3. 100% COMPLIANT:  All tasks are performed on a copy of financial messages, without any external data exchange and any risk of data loss.
      4. LOW-COST ACTIVITY: costs are limited in comparison with the benefits achieved. The bank can choose the volume of messages to be analysed and the relevant period (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly transactions).

The services allow banks to analyse very quickly their SWIFT FIN traffic, obtaining immediate evidence and identifying the relevant phenomena.

The available reports are the following:

  • STANDARD ANALYSIS (all FIN messages)
  • TRADE FINANCE ANALYSIS (MT 700, 710, 760)

The software used to deliver the Check-Up Services is BicDetective and Computing Services.

For further details about services please send a request to