BicDetective is a tailored tool developed by MirWare to investigate and analyze SWIFT® FIN messages (MTs) directly on your PC.

This user-friendly application has been created to meet the needs of Correspondent Bankers, Marketing & Sales Managers, Back Office & Settlement Departments, and it is capable of providing unambiguous statistics over a bank payments operations (in- and outbound), working out all MTs sent and received by the bank SWIFT® BIC4 exchanged with all SWIFT® correspondents.

Since all tasks are performed directly on your local PC, security and privacy are guaranteed as no sensitive information is sent out of your bank.

BicDetective can be installed either on individual workstations as well as servers, and it requires minimal IT intervention: in fact, a TXT copy of FIN traffic is the only contribution required to a bank’s ICT department.

Technical details

    1. BicDetective is a stand-alone application, i.e. it has no impact on internal systems, working independently from others bank application and platforms
    2. The data source is completely based on FIN messages
    3. It is a desktop application (Plug&Go), which allows users to install the tool directly on a workstation without any ICT intervention and without interfering with a bank system

It consists of two main modules: Message Finder and Task Manager.

Message Finder

  • Allows you to manually import, analyze and export SWIFT® FIN messages
  • A very simple set of filters allows you to extract and analyze messages without needing to know any programming
  • Output can be easily saved in, and recovered from, specific Workspace
  • No training is needed – although if you would like to book a half-day training session this can be provided upon request.
  • Using the Message Finder module, with a few clicks you can obtain valuable information about your business flows:
    • Standard Analysis for:
      • Message Type
      • Counterparts
      • Currencies
      • Charges Settlement
      • Value Date Analysis
    • Straight Through Processing (STP Ratio)
    • Importers/Exporters (actors, geographic area, and transaction details)
    • Other customized Analysis
    • Furthermore, it is possible to…
      • … see the original text of the filtered messages…
      • … print and export messages in standard formats…
      • … forward messages by email

Task manager

It allows you to:

  • automatically import, analyze and export of SWIFT® FIN messages
  • schedule tasks for the date and time set by you; you can even schedule results to be e-mailed with the results of scheduled tasks
  • create and save your tasks in specific Plan files


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