Computing Services is a tool developed by MirWare, which effects charges computations directly on your PC, using input files derived from SWIFT® FIN messages (MTs).

This user-friendly application has been created to meet the needs of Correspondent Bankers, Marketing & Sales Managers, Back Office & Settlement Departments, and it is capable of providing computations over a bank payments operations (in- and outbound).

By using Computing Services you can calculate several different types of charges:

  • Generic Charges Service:it can be used for different user-defined purposes. The user simply knows what kind of filter he has applied to generate the Input Files and for what specific purpose he made this.
  • OUR Charges Service:it uses Input Files including only messages that  satisfy conditions related to OUR services (plus any additional filters applied by the user).
  • NOT STP Charges Service:it uses Input Files including only messages that meet certain constraints they define whether a message is STP or not (plus any additional filters applied by the user).

Since all tasks are performed directly on your local PC, security and privacy are guaranteed as no sensitive information is sent out of your bank.

Computing Services can be installed either on individual workstations as well as servers, and It requires minimal IT intervention.

Technical details

  1. Computing Services is a stand-alone application, i.e. it has no impact on internal systems, working independently from others bank application and platforms
  2. The data source is completely based on FIN messages
  3. It is a desktop application (Plug&Go), which allows users to install the tool directly on a workstation without any ICT intervention and without interfering with a bank system

It consists of one main module, the Main Panel, which allows you to set all parameters you need to effect charges calculations. You can also set the output format using predefined templates or standard file formats.

For further details about the product please send a request to