STANDARD ANALYSIS is based on the full suite of SWIFT FIN MTs.

The analysis aims to provide a quantitative/statistical evidence of the transactions exchanged, treating a specific set of information contained in the messages.

Download here a demo output for your better guidance: Standard Analysis


Banks are provided with a Desktop App which allows users to analyse message flows directly on their workstation, starting from a TXT copy of SWIFT FIN messages.

Data analysis is effected on premises by the bank, therefore data are retained for internal use only for the sake of privacy.

The App does not need any installation procedure nor the intervention of ICT.
The App needs a simple activation process which requires about 20 minutes and which can be run by phone or by email exchange.


All the MTs must be stored as follows:

  • One month of traffic for each .txt file
  • Standard SWIFT FIN (ISO 15022) syntax must be observed – see here an example of Sent and Received messages
  • Messages must be made available to the bank’s user by the respective ICT (this is the only contribution requested to the banks ICT)


  • Statistics for SWIFT FIN Transactions:
    – Zone-Countries
    – Traffic Type (Direct, Intermediated and Correspondent Banking flows)
    – Business Type (eg. group 1xx, group 2xx, etc.)
    – Currency Analysis
    – Counterpart Analysis
    – Charge Settlement Analysis (BEN, OUR, SHA)
    – Direct vs. Intermediated payment flows

Download here a demo output for your better guidance: Standard Analysis

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