What we do

Transaction Banking Lab (TBLab) is a common space in which systemic initiatives, technological innovation, consultancy, services, and training converge for a mutual interest of all stakeholders involved in the financial world.

Our goals

  1. To preserve the know-how within the bank and, indirectly, throughout the banking system by sharing experience and good practices from more advanced foreign markets;
  2. To encourage dialogue between various stakeholders in order to identify the boundaries of the financial environment and the rapid changes it is undergoing;
  3. To increase awareness of those who work within this complex world with regard to the issues that most concern the entire financial community;
  4. To stimulate growth and innovation of the entire national financial system by activating collaboration and sharing before and beyond any logic guiding the competitive banking landscape.

How we do it

Thanks to our specialised network (represented by both national and international B.I. providers), TB Lab offers technology solutions, consulting and in-depth studies in a number of sensitive areas for the banking environment, including the following:

  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Financial Traffic Analysis (FIN and XML) and tracking of real-time transactions
  • AUDIT & COMPLIANCE: Client Onboarding, Relationship Portfolio Management, Internal Audit and Software Analyst to Support Cyber Security
  • DATA MANAGEMENT: Master Data and Entity Files, SSIs, and Increased Reality
  • PRICING MANAGEMENT: Pricing & Product Management