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A local user app for the investigation and analysis of SWIFT® FIN and XML messages directly on a pc workstation.


  • No impact on ICT dept. or internal systems;

  • Independent from other bank applications;

  • 100% compliant since all tasks are performed locally without any external data exchange.


* If required by the bank policies, It can be easily installed on server


Easy installation & fast activation:

  • it does not need either administrative privileges or software prerequisites;

  •  it takes less than 20 min, with possible remote support in a video call.


The app works out both XML ISO20022 and SWIFT® FIN messages in their original standard format.


The only contribution required to the IT dept of the bank is a copy of the messages.

A simple input format

Our Business Intelligence procedure for the analysis of international transactions is based on a text copy (.txt) of the FIN messages (standard Swift ISO 15022) and an XML copy (.xml) of the XML messages (standard Swift and EBA ISO 20022).

See examples below:






:50F:/IT46Z9999954240123456789012 ORDERER DETAILS


:59F:/IT35O8888811200123456789012 BENEFICIARY DETAILS




<CdtTrfTxInf><PmtId><InstrId>CB20110210HI211041F0649752000000001</InstrId><EndToEndId>NOT PROVIDED</EndToEndId> <TxId>FT11041722818697</TxId></PmtId><PmtTpInf><SvcLvl><Cd>SEPA</Cd></SvcLvl></PmtTpInf><IntrBkSttlmAmt Ccy="EUR">23600.00</IntrBkSttlmAmt><ChrgBr>SLEV</ChrgBr><Dbtr><Nm>CREG TRADE LIMITED </Nm><PstlAdr><Ctry>LV</Ctry><AdrLine>KLAND, NZ, NZ</AdrLine></PstlAdr></Dbtr><DbtrAcct><Id> <IBAN>LV94AIZK000114010XXXX</IBAN></Id></DbtrAcct><DbtrAgt><FinInstnId><BIC>AIZKLV22XXX</BIC></FinInstnId></DbtrAgt> <CdtrAgt><FinInstnId><BIC>DRESDEFF321</BIC></FinInstnId></CdtrAgt><Cdtr><Nm>XY</Nm></Cdtr><CdtrAcct><Id><IBAN>DEXXXXX00100760316XXX</IBAN></Id></CdtrAcct><RmtInf><Ustrd>Remittance information, DATE 28.10.2010</Ustrd></RmtInf></CdtTrfTxInf>

Installation process by remote (2 hours in videoconf)

1. Delivery via email of the application (.exe file)

2. Installation by the end-user on its personal computer

3. Request of activation code to Mirware support team

4. Receipt of the activation code and start of license

5. Import of FIN and/or ISO20022 XML messages and creation of the converted files

6. Export and view of the 4 automated reports

7. Specific sample queries from the user

Examples of reports available

BicDetective provides standards reports in Excel format, already structured according to both Mirware’s know-how and the needs that have emerged in recent years by bank users. 

Everything that has been experienced in the past has been transformed into reporting tools that aim to inform senior management adequately and thus support the decision-making process. 


The reports are generated automatically by our tool on site by the bank’s user, they are for internal use only and the granularity of the detailed information contained goes down to the single account relationship of the client and possibly its single transactions.  


The following Excel reports are already available nowadays to the client banks: 

  • Correspondent Banking Analysis   

  • Clearers Analysis

  • Payment Analysis

  • Documentary Credits Analysis 

  • International Guarantees Analysis 

  • SWIFT Broadcast Analysis 

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