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MEX Cube

MEX Cube is a server-based solution designed on Microsoft Technology, which works out all messages exchanged with all banks (XML ISO 20022 , SWIFT FIN + national standards ).


All messages with a granularity of data up to all fields of the single transaction

Data warehouse (DWH) can be:

  • Directly queried

  • Integrated in EDW

  • Completed with external data


Datamarts (cubes) & reports can be both pre-formatted & customized.

​They can also be connected to different front-end tools ( excel, access, ....).


All activities are conducted in-house by the bank users.

All MEX modules are directly installed on bank intranet servers and used exclusively by bank-authorized users without any external data exchange.

Samples of standard reports

MEX Cube is a very user-friendly tool that requires no specific knowledge or training. It has been created to meet the needs of Correspondent Bankers, Marketing & Sales Managers, Back Office & Settlement Departments after the latest regulations and the consequent worldwide spread of ISO 20022 XML standards.

It has a multi-level structure and holds three main features:

  1. it allows users to search for whatever kind of information is embedded in the traffic;

  2. it is capable of providing cubes to analyze domestic as well as SEPA & extra-SEPA messages through EXCEL, POWER B.I., or directly MEX Cube Web interface;

  3. it manages the entire process end-to-end, generating:

    • Workspace – lossless process and granularity to the transaction

    • Data Warehouse (DWH) – a data source that can be directly queried, and/or integrated in EDW, and connected to other external databases

    • Data marts and cubes – both pre-formatted and custom

Customizable cubes could be shaped to serve different purposes:

  1. International dpt.

    • Quantitative & Qualitative analysis of the entire financial traffic

    • Focus on international traffic (SEPA & Extra-SEPA)

  1. Corporate & Small Market

    • Identification of Supply Chain Finance indicators

    • Support for Indirect Factoring Business

    • Enhanced Risk Management

  1. Retail Market

    • Qualitative analysis of Remittances information in support of commercial initiatives

    • Exercises of Big Data

  1. Compliance & Backup Systems

    • Near-real-time 1st level controls through connectivity with internal and external data sources (Embargo-list of counterparts, AFT, etc.)

    • Due diligence reinforcement through 2nd level controls over real-time systems

    • Qualitative analysis of payments with AML/AFT/Embargo purposes

Since all MEX Cube modules are directly installed on company Intranet Servers and used exclusively by bank-authorized users, security and privacy are guaranteed as no sensitive information is sent out of your bank.


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