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We allow banks to analyze their SWIFT® FIN and XML ISO 20022 messages easily and in-depth.

Extracting valuable information and improving the performance.

Low cost & quick delivery 


no IT effort or indirect costs

End-to-end process


from raw data to user’s dashboard

Technical flexibility


PC, server, on-cloud digital solutions 

Stand-alone environment 


integration is a plus, not a must

We are specialized in Global Transaction Banking Intelligence 

We help banks to analyze their transactions, extract valuable information and eventually improve their performance. 



We ensure the banks' internal privacy and compliance! 

All analyses are conducted on premises by the bank’s user, without any exchange of information with us or third parties. 

About us

Mirware is an independent software company specialized in the Global Transaction Banking sector.


Our team has matured so far with a solid experience in Business Intelligence related to interbank message flows (SWIFT® FIN and XML ISO 20022).

Mirware is headquartered in Verona, Italy.

Our Transaction Banking Lab

Transaction Banking Lab (TBLab) is a space where systemic initiatives, technological innovation, consultancy, services, and training converge for the mutual interest of all stakeholders involved in the banking world.

Business Intelligence CONSULTANCY

based on a deep vertical experience and strong skills in analysing the data contained in the Swift and SEPA messages.


for the analysis of the transactions:

  • Messages traffic exploitable: National, SEPA, Extra-SEPA

  • Output: instant on-demand queries of selected items, quantitative & qualitative analysis.


Available versions: personal computer, server, cloud.

Business intelligence REMOTE SERVICES

provided by our company to client banks.

Bank's areas benefitting

Italian Banks MirWare has collaborated with so far

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