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How to collect and read the information contained in the messages traffic

Aggiornamento: 3 ott 2022

The workshop " SWIFT and XML Messaging - Data Mining and Applied Business Intelligence " is a training event that addresses the world of interbank messaging and transactions, to exploit the value-added information contained within the traffic and identify relevant business phenomena to support of operational effectiveness and commercial efficiency.


The training workshop is addressed to colleagues working in the various structures of the bank or to anyone who has an interest in deepening their knowledge of the interbank transactional world.

The main recipients are:

  • Business lines of the bank (foreign trade, correspondent banking, payments / collections, trade finance, cash management, coordinators of foreign specialists)

  • Marketing and Business Intelligence staff

  • Employees of other service companies: insurance companies, PA, Fintech and Payment Institutions


  1. Provide colleagues with the knowledge and tools to participate in the creation of value in the company and get them used to fully pursuing virtuous processes by basing their choices on information from high quality data sources

  2. Identify and collect data for the reconstruction of value-added information and the understanding of relevant phenomena related to your business

  3. Plan strategic and tactical actions based on the phenomena analyzed, with a subsequent measurement of the results obtained


  1. Introduction to interbank messaging - Data analysis: components, actors, opportunities and pathologies - SWIFT and FIN interbank traffic (ISO 15022) - EBA, SEPA and XML interbank traffic (ISO 20022) - SWIFT FIN vs. XML ISO20022

  2. Interbank messaging: from theory to practice - Focus on the main messages of Cash, Trade and Finance - Keys to reading traffic: Due Diligence, foreign trade, Correspondent Banking, Trade Finance and Finance - Case studies


Scientific coordination and teaching by Flavio Caricasole


Price: € 340.00 / person excluding VAT


Duration: 1 day (7 hours).

Location: ONLINE or at Mirware srl | 311VERONA | Lungadige Galtarossa 21 | 37133 Verona (VR)

Participants: the minimum number for the activation of the course is 4 attendees | max 12

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