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How to push your branch network to increase sales of transaction banking products

Aggiornamento: 3 ott 2022

The workshop " International Banking - Banks to support to understand the risks and finance the import / export " is a training event that addresses the world of international trade through a detailed analysis of the risks connected to it, the actors involved and the tools used. in the development of virtuous processes.


The training workshop is aimed at anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge of the risks associated with international markets, the support that the bank can provide to minimize them and the tools available for the settlement of commercial transactions.

The main recipients are:

  • Employees of SMEs and Large companies (minimum turnover of 10 million euros) engaged in commercial and administrative roles

  • Bank employees

  • Freelancers (lawyers, accountants, business consultants in the internationalization sector)


  1. Understand the dynamics that characterize international trade and how it is undertaken, regulated and financed.

  2. Recognize the needs of the different counterparties engaged in international trade.

  3. Identify the characteristics and benefits provided by the various services offered by banks.

  4. Understand the international payment systems in place, the regulations and the procedures adopted.

  5. Recognize the terminology used in international trade, with particular attention to the content and use of the terms.


  1. Risks inherent in international trade: - Country (or political) - Counterparty (or commercial) - Contractual, documentary, mercantile - Financial, compliance, etc.

  2. Business case: how to build a "virtuous" export operation

  3. Working capital financing: - Export advances - Import financing - Advance on contract

  4. Trade Finance: - Documentary credits and international guarantees - Commercial discounts, forfaiting, credit insurance and international factoring

  5. International collection and payment (SWIFT and SEPA)

  6. Cash Management: purposes, reporting services, devices and cash pooling


Scientific coordination and teaching by Flavio Caricasole


Price: € 320.00 / person excluding VAT


Duration: 1 day (7 hours).

Location: ONLINE or at Mirware srl | 311VERONA | Lungadige Galtarossa 21 | 37133 Verona (VR)

Participants: the minimum number for the activation of the course is 4 attendees | max 12

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